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How to Get Involved

How do I support   CTS?
The best way you can help right now is by spreading the word on CTS’s mission and its activities, signing our online petition and supporting us through social media, our website and newsletter. We also need funds and equipment to move forward on our projects and welcome cash as well as in-kind donations.

What is the online petition?
The online petition is a campaign CTS runs to gather as many signatures as possible from individuals who believe in CTS’s mission and want to help CTS to convince global decision makers of the importance of sport as an empowerment tool for First Nations children and  displaced persons.To sign our petition, go to, enter your name and email and share it with your friends and family! For direct access to the petition page, you can scan the QR code found on the left.

Where to follow CTS on Social Media?
We are currently active on Facebook and Instagram and would love to engage with you on these  channels!  Our  most used  hashtags  are #CTSaid  #first_nations_children  #taekwondo




How do I sign up for the Newsletter?
Go to and scroll all the way down to find the signup form!

How do I donate to CTS?
The easiest and quickest way is to donate online through our website. Alternatively, you may choose to do a bank transfer donation, or in the case you are coming to Hankook Taekwondo, you will be able to donate directly on site. In any cases, you may indicate to which project your donation should be allocated.

How does the online donation work?
Just visit our and click on
+TAKE ACTION NOW on the top right corner. You will be redirected to a page where you can select the amount of money you wish to donate. Once you click on the ‘take action now’ button, you will be taken to Paypal where you can either log in to your Paypal account, or directly pay per credit card

I want to donate money but I do not have a credit card…
You may transfer the amount you wish to donate directly to our bank account.
Please also contact us per email to inform us about your donation and share any comment on how you wish your donation to be used (you may wish to allocate it to a specific project).
Here are our banking details:

You can also come find a cash donation box at most CTS promoted or sanctioned events.

Check out the calendar on

What about in-kind donations?
If you have taekwondo or sports equipment that you wish to donate for CST projects, please get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you and seeing where to best allocate this equipment to our taekwondo trainees around the world.

Can I put a link to CTS on my personal/company website?
Yes! We have a specific section on our website with directions for linking your website to us and downloading the logo in different formats here:

My taekwondo club would like to support CTS, what now?
The first thing you can do is share this document with all your club members for them to understand the different ways they can support THF individually. Next, we would love to hear from your club per email or phone to explore a tailored joint partnership!

I have another idea to support CTS…
Great, let’s hear it! Please contact us per email, phone or on social media and tell us all about it.

Contact us   |    |   +1 780 450 0181
Canada Taekwondo Society, c/o Champion Hankook Taekwondo
101B Millbourne Mall 38Ave, Edmonton, AB, Canada            T6K 3L6

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