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We are developing life skills that help kids in school, home,
socially and so MUCH More.


Our Kids Martial Arts Program provide each student with the essential martial arts skills to succeed in our community and the life skills they need to succeed in school, at home and in life.  Fun, stimulating and life-skill learning classes taught by our extraordinary martial arts instructors are perfect for any child.

Our beginner junior students are taught using our Award Winning Life Skills Curriculum and they quickly learn the importance of respect, self-discipline, perseverance, self-defense and confidence.  Our martial arts community is positive, supporting and very social, so you can expect your child to make lots of new friends.


Parents, Did You Know?




40 sec

In the United States


of Kids See Bullying in School.

At Hankook Taekwondo we work with children teaching the quality life skills in martial arts that delivers great results at home, in school and in the community. Learning how and when to manage bullying is key.

in the US, a Child is Abducted.

We believe in supporting parents with drills and skills that will keep their children safe. From situational awareness to safe self defense.

we want martial arts to keep them safe.

Children are Classified as Obese.

Children need our support. We work hand in hand with parents to assure our teens make the right choices. At Hankook Taekwon-do we work with each student one on one with support when needed.

Let’s Work Together To Help Your Children

In Our Martial Arts Program

By enrolling your children in an introductory program

we can show you and them how we will equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world. It is much more than kicking and punching at our martial arts school located in Edmonton, AB.

Our students regularly go on to join Ivy league schools and become community leaders. The values they learn during their martial arts journey are the same you teach at home that last a lifetime.


Focus & Concentration

Concentration is like a muscle that needs regular exercise to grow stronger. Martial arts provides kids with strategies that help improve their ability to focus and maintain their attention. School work will require students to be able to concentrate for extended periods of time. Participating in martial arts requires even more concentration. This ability to concentrate and sustain attention is crucially important. As students learn and improve, they will grow life skills such as self-confidence and positive self-esteem.


Enhanced Self Control & Self Discipline

Almost all young children are naturally impulsive. How do you teach a child to deal with this implusive behavior? – Self-discipline. A child who has self-control and self-discipline has a huge advantage in dealing with life’s challenges.

So many problems can be avoided when a person has self-control. Martial arts is the perfect solution to help teach students self-control and self-discipline.






Better School Grades

Martial arts training and educational training share a very important goal: to inspire attitudes and actions that turn students into motivated, confident, capable, and self-reliant leaders. In school, high test scores are rewarded with good grades. Martial arts develop skills and traits needed to meet diverse challenges, such as studying to earn good grades. Just a few are discipline, self-control, self-esteem, self-worth, courtesy, and respect for others.

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